3rd Gen RF Body Contouring

SGD $299.50$599.00 inclusive of GST
Using TriPollar Radio Frequency, an innovative, proprietary 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology, the 3rd Gen RF delivers immediate visible body slimming effects with the first treatment with no downtime.

Using TriPollar Radio Frequency, an innovative, proprietary 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology, the 3rd Gen RF delivers immediate visible body slimming effects with the first treatment with no downtime.

• Non-invasive, comfortable treatment
• Visible skin firming and tightening 30 minutes after first session; perfect for a last-minute treatment before an important occasion
• Safe and effective with no downtime
• Refine fine lines
• Smoothen skin texture
• Reduce stretch marks
• Lift and firm loose, saggy skin
• Accelerate fat cells metabolism
• Melt unwanted fatty deposits
• Reduce cellulite
• Accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, expel waste and toxins

• Pre-treatment body fat analysis
• Hot towel cleansing of treatment area
• Glycerin application
• Pollogen Trilipo Maximus three-level radio frequency treatment
• Massage
• Hot towel cleansing of treatment area, optional body oil application
• Post-treatment body fat analysis

TriLipo RF Energy
After a welcome head massage, the treatment starts with a double cleanse to free the skin of the day’s activates collagen cells to ensure the multi-level lifting of muscle and dermis. It can also greatly reduce fat accumulation and make the skin firm and smooth.

TriLipo DMA Pulses
Dynamic muscle activation (DMA) causes the contraction of the muscle layer. The muscle contraction and the pressure from the external handle work together to squeeze the fat layer, making the fat cells smaller and the lipids precipitated, reducing the volume of the fat cells and reducing the circumference.


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  • 3rd Gen RF Body Contouring (60mins) – $589 NETT

Applicable to: abdomen, front legs, hind legs, buttocks, arms and other fat accumulation areas (per area).

There is no downtime and is unlikely to have any side effects. You may experience some temporary flushing of the skin which will dissipate shortly after treatment.

SkinLab’s 3rd Gen RF Body Contouring treatment is ideal for those looking for an effective way to:
  • firm up loose skin
  • smoothen wrinkly skin
  • melt unwanted fat deposits
It is unsuitable for individuals:
  • who are pregnant/breastfeeding
  • who have medical implants
  • who have medical conditions affecting the skin
  • who have an infection, tumour, or wound that has not fully healed in the treatment area
  • who have existing medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes

For best results, we recommend weekly sessions for 2 months, followed by bi-weekly maintenance sessions.

Yes! We’ve adapted the CSP Rf for use on the Face, Neck, and Eyes.

Before treatment, guests should remove all conductive accessories from their bodies. It is recommended to drink more water after the treatment to replenish water. It is recommended to eat at least one to two hours later and avoid excessive intake of calories.

  • First trials are only for for first-time customers of SkinLab The Medical Spa.
  • Existing customers who have not visited for the past 12 months are excluded (not eligible).
  • A la carte (full priced) sessions are valid for all customers.
  • Limit one (1) first-trial deal per person per year, regardless of treatment, unless otherwise stated.
  • Valid for male and female customers age 21 and above only.
  • Valid for Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, EP, SP, DP, and WP holders only.
  • Valid mobile number is required for registration and identification.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Valid Mon - Fri: 10am - 9.30pm; Sat: 10am - 8.30pm; Sun and public holidays: 10am - 7.30pm. Valid on public holidays. Not valid for Christmas, Chinese New Year and other public holidays as announced on social media. Follow @skinlabsg for latest updates
  • Pre-payment required for first-time appointments and trials
  • Trial customers are required to arrive 15-mins prior to appointment times for registration.
  • Please provide full name(s) plus preferred days and times.
  • Our peak periods are weekday evenings and full days on weekends and public holidays.
  • We encourage customers to book at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • WhatsApp 9770 3610 to book an appointment (office hours), or call individual outlets directly.

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