This brightening serum will change your skincare game

This brightening serum will change your skincare game

Skincare products go a long way in helping us maintain the quality of our skin. In Singapore, where many of us are prone to dry skin due to our climate and office environment, moisturising is a must. 

But if you really want more radiant and luminous skin, adding in a brightening serum into your skincare regime will make the difference. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to take care of your skin the smart way – this involves finding out the causes of dull skin so you know how not to sabotage your progress, and knowing what to look out for when choosing a brightening serum. 

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Causes of dull skin

Dull skin is caused by a combination of factors, each of which comes from a different environmental factor or lifestyle choice. 

Inadequate moisturisation

Inadequate moisturisation can have a noticeable impact on the appearance of your skin. Moisturising is an essential part of skincare, as it helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, maintaining its natural suppleness and glow.

When the skin lacks sufficient moisture, it can become dry and tight. This lack of hydration can lead to a loss of elasticity, causing the skin to appear dull and lifeless. It’s like the way a plant might look if it hasn’t been watered enough.

Insufficient or lack of exfoliation

Think of exfoliation as spring cleaning – you’re getting rid of what doesn’t serve you purpose; in this case, you’re clearing away dead skin cells. 

When you exfoliate, fresh, healthy skin underneath gets a chance to shine, and your face can look more radiant and glowing.

But remember, your skin is delicate, so it’s essential to be gentle. Use a soft scrub or special exfoliating product, and keep the number of times you exfoliate to about two to three times a week. If you have dry skin, once or every other week is fine.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep is a vital time for the body to repair and rejuvenate itself, and this includes the skin. When you’re asleep, your body gets to work on healing damaged cells, clearing out toxins, and refreshing your skin. It’s a time of restoration that helps your skin look healthy and vibrant.

When you don’t get enough sleep, this natural rejuvenation process is disrupted. Your skin might look dull, and dark circles may appear under your eyes.

Lack of sleep can also cause stress hormones to increase, which may lead to inflammation and reduced ability for the skin to stay hydrated. This can further contribute to a lacklustre appearance. It may be difficult to get enough sleep in our busy lives, but getting our 7 hours a night is absolutely crucial if we want to avoid dull skin.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Have you ever looked at someone with glowing skin and thought, “Wow, she looks so healthy”? That’s because diet and an active lifestyle can influence the health of our skin and consequently the way it looks. 

Improving your lifestyle choices is the most accessible and probably cheapest step you can take – while they need not be perfect, every single change we make to the way we live can potentially help restore the skin’s natural beauty and radiance.

What does a brightening serum do?

Brightening Serum

A serum contains a combination of active ingredients to target skin concerns related to dullness, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. 

A brightening serum, in particular, is often packed with AHAs and BHAs to refine skin texture and promote a smoother appearance. In that vein, a good brightening serum should have: 

  • High quality active ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B3 and kojic acid besides AHAs and BHAs 
  • Clinically proven results (this means not buying questionable beauty products from random beauty salons)
  • A transparent ingredient list 
  • Antioxidants that protect the skin from UV damage. A good brightening serum should not replace sunscreen but can complement sun protection efforts.

Ideally, the serum should have a lightweight texture too – this characteristic ensures rapid absorption and deep penetration. 

Modern life makes it hard to get enough sleep, eat well, have a complete skin care routine, and stay constantly hydrated. While we should strive to achieve all this, a little help doesn’t hurt.

Which serum is best for brightening?

Our specially formulated Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C uses an Intradermal System, which improves Vitamin C absorption for a better outcome. Meant to be used in small amounts after cleansing and toning, the serum only needs one minute to settle into your skin so you can quickly get to your beauty sleep.

For added results, go for Crystal Tomato supplement

If you want even clearer, even more radiant skin, then you should consider using crystal tomato supplements on top of our brightening serum. Using a rare breed of non-GMO tomatoes, crystal tomato supplements help to deliver highly potent antioxidants to the skin. 

Medically-proven to work, crystal tomato supplements help to beautify the skin by lightening acne scars, dark spots, and age spots, giving you brighter and more even toned skin.

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Lustrous, radiant skin is all about giving your body the best care possible, and that’s entirely possible with the support of experienced, well-trained professionals who know all about skin brightening serums and treatments. 

At SkinLab, Singapore’s largest medical spa chain, our highly trained therapists will work to bring the magic of brighter, more beautiful skin to you.

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